by Ulfrinn

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released August 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Ulfrinn Gassaway, West Virginia

One-man black metal from West Virginia.

Hail Appalachia..

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Track Name: Away From the Light
Winds whisper the names of the forest
As melancholic night seeps in
Blackened lights illiuminate every crevice
For the shadows to feed

The eerie presence of wrath, sleeps over my bones
Mirroring the premise of ghouls
So lost among the skeletons of trees
So drawn towards the spirits it calls forth

An emerging darkness
From the depths of the woods
Speaking softly
Of a finer Death...
Track Name: Staring Deeply into Death
The pain of being alive
After years of being lost inside myself
Still, the worms crawl towards the light
Twitching and moving from the earth

Frightened I became at the sight
Of the Beast
But through the coldness of mine own heart
Was I able to become
A Hideous God..
Track Name: Weaving Threads of Hallowed Blood
Time Passes by as withered illusion
When the trees breathe
The night air softens

When my dreams are haunted
By their nostalgia
A focus on darkness
Bleeding away the Veil

They are there, always stalking
The shadows of the past
Always present

One can feel them lurking
Destroying everything you have
They are final, they are crushing
They are all this life has left
Track Name: From the Dying Depths of the Woods
The wind scrapes across the sky
The wolves howl throughout the forest
Haunts marry eerie consciousness
Shedding skins, to slither on
As serpents amidst the burning leaves

Dreams of hatching outward,
as a shadow
To begin feeding, dreaming
Living life within another soul
Through dirt and moisture, existence grows

These woods are an escape from body and mind
A projection of mine own shade upon the Sun
To darken and crush the light
The light you cling to as a Savior..